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I try to clone a Bit locker Partition whit clonezilla and AOMEI , both give me the same error , RAW format , and don’t boot the new SSD disk.

The solution  is Disable -Bitlocker command , wait for Decryption  and then clone my SSD

dont clone Bitlocker Active partition

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Virtual disk to physical disk Oracle VirtualBox

Hello, I try to explain a successful (V2P) process, install a Virtual Machine in Physical PC.

I have a Windows OS PC Core i5 4th /8 GB RAM  DDR3/ Mechanical Disk

I install a Virtual Machine whit Guest Windows 10 64 Virtual Disk Image (.vdi ) , we have a multiple Oracle Developer configuration for Oracle DB classes, but not work very well is very slow  for create query.

I run VirtualBox an take an image of the drive whit de software Aomei , and store it on C_ Shared folder , next take the  whole Disk 1 an connect in the receiver PC

The receiver physical PC is a Core i3 6th 8gb RAM DDR4/ SSD M.2 120GB

Mount the rescue media you created whit Windows PE Creating Environment Download(With AOMEI Backupper) ( and restore the image.

The process for rescue media is download the file, Unzip and paste in C:\Program Files (x86)\AOMEI Backupper\pe_env,  next create a PE Windows

After you get it up and running and all the drivers updated and issues cleared up, the Oracle Developer work very well.

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Change Disk for improving performance Microsoft Sql Server

Microsoft’s SQL Server a relational database management system designed to help business professionals store and access data as requested by other software applications

One requirement is improving the performance because the database increase the amount of data, and the query’s whit stored procedure and trigger need tuning, per example when refresh your inventory, now we have the exact time is 122 minutes, is a lot of time.

The first Step, I change the Mechanic Disc per SSD

The objective is reduce the IOPS , clearly defines a ratio of the number of operations performed by storage within a period to the duration of this period in seconds, and it is the unit to measure read and write operations on the storage device. There are many parameters of IO, which can affect the SQL Server performance and that needs to be taken care of for the performance tuning.

  • IOPS Calculation
  • Average Disk Queue Length
  • Read Vs. Write Operation Ratio
  • Average IO Latency
  • Split IO
  • RAID

This video I try to show you how to clone the RAID 0 disk to SSD

I have a problem whit CloneZilla  and RAID Disk

I have this Error

At final use AOMEI Backupper Server , the problem  is Visual Program , you need a extra PC to clone the disk, but the program execute the process very well

NOTE: When you change a Disk in Server, reconfigure the RAID controller , basically is entry in this case whit key F5 a create a New logical Volume, whit this step done, only connect a Cloned SSD and boot normally, the total boot time is 10 second

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The NVMe protocol is an interface specification for communicating with storage devices. NVMe storage devices are typically directly attached to a host system over a PCI Express (PCIe) bus.  Traduce in a better performance for acces ..reduce the time for acces the disk

Today install a  SSD whit this interface , and show you how to clone  , whit the open software CloneZilla and Gparted

The victim is a Inspiron… check the video

The typical problem , the SSD Nvme are small, i suggest to check the partition table, with Gparted Live USB, and the solution is identify the first 3 partition, this model laptop dell , have Six partition in the disk, but really only need 3, and the porpoise is clone this 3 really important partition. The solution is eliminate/delete the sda4 sad5 sda6  , this partition are for recover the fabric system, but in the practice you don’t need, because the essential partition are /sda1 /sda2 /sda3, whit this partition the OS is Ok

After eliminate, shutdown the laptop, and use Clonezilla , the step are the same

Expert Mode

Disk to Disk

Check in the option -icds

and use option “-k1” which will create the partition table proportionally in the target disk and turn on option “-r” to resize the file system in the partition automatically. This is useful use all the target disk size.

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Oracle Database

I try to explain basic concept in Oracle Database, I started to attend class call  “Diseño de Base de Datos” in the program INSAFORP

The first class is Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler

A free graphical tool  … , for create Diagrams (ERD), Relational (database design) The objective is

The second class is about  Schema Objects, Tablespaces, and Datafiles

The most interesting part is the query’s: For create a execute we use Oracle SQL Developer ,and Virtual Box for the image DeveloperDaysVM2019-05-31_20

Pre-Built Oracle database for learning and testing

The Easy Way to get started with Oracle Database: our VirtualBox Appliance

Information and concepts

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Ryzen and thermal paste

This past weekend i had a serious problem whit change the thermal paste of  Amd Ryzen 5 3600 The bundled cooler had paste pre-applied, this  turning to glue when they’ve cooled down.


The solution is for reinstall the cpu without damaging anything, run the computer for a couple hours or stress test the cpu for a few minutes, then remove the cooler while it’s still warm

Never i saw a paste transform in clue, but i managed change and don’t damage anything.

r/bapccanada - RYZEN 5 3600 stuck in cooler. I tried everything, twisting, blowdry, used isopropyl alcohol and even tried using floss and I can’t separate it. Help please



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Create Partition Table on SSD

A solid-state drive (SSD) is a new generation of storage device used in computers specially for speed to tranfer data, but the winner in speed is The M.2 specification supports NVM Express (NVMe) , in another post i comment about M.2

I describe how to clone data from old mechanic Disk  to a SSD

First your download and use Rufus to create a USB bootable, and use Norton ghost  for specially partition Windows ,gparted for delete the other partition


  • SSD a Kingston A400 960 GB
  • laptop HP Pavilion 15aw002la
  • USB bootable whit clonezilla, ghost, gparted
  • A Caddy HDD
  • Two  Sata controller o connector (Another PC )

The most important is you identify which is SSD / HDD from Sata connection, if you connect the disks in another  PC , you should put SSD in Sata 0 and HDD Sata 1  connector

The objective is you identify in Cloning software /sda or /sdb , the source and destination

Is complicated create a Table Partition in the new disc because generally  in capacity of data HDD is larger the solution Clonezilla and the option  -icds

Initialize USB whit clonezilla

Choose EXPERT mode and enable the “-icds” option. You need to also choose the option “Resize partitional table proportionally” in one of the following menus.


Ok after 25 minutes a 1 tb disk is cloning in a new SSD , generally whit the most important partition Windows NTFS.  I had an error  in clonezilla  , this is because some data have bad sector , but the solution is cloning again whit Symantec Ghost, but you have the partition table created and is easy now identify the partition

And generally all the Data and configuration, licences , is cloning

Extra Parameters

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Elementor #461

Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed or  Day of the Dead,

All Souls' Day traditions often remember deceased loved ones in various ways on the day, the annual celebration is held on 2 November , This photo is in memory of my brother who lived on the third  most stressed-out country  El salvador . After his tragic death  at the age of 15 , i always try to don’t forget his charismatic live, Special date he born 10-nov-1986

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Quick real-time bandwidth monitoring

Today a talk about  utilities to allows monitoring   Traffic  SNMP bandwidth

The information about state of network equipment is for  network administrators who need to display the current configuration a specific device like router, modems , printer,etc

A set of tool

BUT today i talk about   STG is stand for SNMP Traffic Grapher

You need a Community ID, and OID(Object Identifiers)

1. Target Address

– Put IP address of device that you want to pull information from. It could WAN or LAN interface, and it shouldn’t be blocked SNMP 161 to communicate with Server which this SNMP tool installed.
In this example, I used WAN IP address of a device.

2. Community

– Put Community sting as “ipBalance“. You can put whatever strings you want, but common SNMP string “public” is not recommended for especially long term period of monitoring without secure plan for SNMP traffic.

** in this case, community name is “ipBalance” which must be matched with stg’s setting

ipBalance_Router#conf t

ipBalance_Router(conf)#snmp-server community ipBalance ro

** Same Cisco SNMP command can be applied on different platform such as Nortel, Tasman and Adtran

3. Green OID & Blue OID

– This is Object Identification for MIB value. Good to know details of SNMP and MIB OID, but it require a lot of reading and understanding. In this case, I will give you simple idea and tips to quick as possible.

Look at initial value from settings – Green OID – Blue OID

Green & Blue label is just for the look to easily separate inbound and outbound traffic on the graph

I won’t explain what is 1.3.6~~~ bla~ bla~. b/c this article become a book.

okay, here is what you need to know.

10 = inbound traffic (MIB OID = ifInOctets)
16 = outbound traffic (MIB OID = ifOutOctets)

Last digit #(in this case 1) is interface index #. See below output from Cisco router(7200).

Commend: show snmp mib ifmib ifindex
or show snmp mib ifmib ifindex serial3/0 – just for the target interface


Another Tool for Monitoring the Traffic is



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A guide for install plugin Woocommerce only pictures,

A few recomendation.

Backup your website , a easy way to do, install cpanel in Adnroid Device , and the section Backup, create

Next update PHP whit the tool PHP Selector in Cpanel , woocomerce required 5 + or the las 7 version of PHP

Continue whit the plugin and configure