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Book Recommendations

I start to look for a new job and  improve my English, practicing lecture ,minimal conversation and games like  Letter Quest Remastered of course writing in this blog

I had to correct the countless grammatical errors at least & some sentence structure & phrasing , because my first language is Spanish

The list of Books for this mont

  • Clean Code Robert C. Martin, .
    • The Japanese worldview the 5S philosophy Seiri (think”sort”),Seiton(think”systematize”), Seiso ( shine),  Seiketsu (standardization) Shutsuke(Self-discipline), apply to improve the radability of your code
  • 100 Documents That changed the world
    • Homer´s The Iliad and The Odyssey, Notebook Leonardo Da Vinci´s, The Holy Bible..

The dairy  Quote

You just keep pushing.You just keep pushing. I made every mistake  that could be made. But i just kept pushing – Rene Descartes-

I use Calibre for read ant download everthing of

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