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How to Clone HDD to small SSD whit proper care in recovery,boot,tools partitons

Change your principal HDD for SSD is one of the best upgrade for your computer

The scenario is new SSD 512 GB for laptop HP whit WIN 10 and HDD 1.TB ,caddy Drive for connect HDD in DVD ROM

Is relative easy clone a disk whit program like Acronis or AOIME boot work in visual environment

The unique problem is the capacity of SSD have less capacity of storage. And software solution is reduce free espace in each partition whit Align partition to optimize your SSD but the result is a diferent size in partition tables and the Recovery dont work propely

In this case i recomended 3 different clone software :clonezilla (show the exact partition table and clone faster partition ) . gparted (create and rezise table partition ,visual mode) symantec ghost for 1 particular partiton the principal 790 GB clone slow but only data.

1.Use a usb whit clonezilla for show the actual partition table

fdisk -l /dev/sda

create the exact partition table is imposible because a large disk 1TB dont fit in small

2.Usb whit gparted help to graphic create manual and visual enviroment the partition table( 5 partition in Total) your guide is the Start and End of the actual HDD partiton table

First partiton 270 Mb is important the filetype .second 16 Mb. Third a 790 Gb decide reduce because only have 512Gb and this partition is Windows and you need 980 mb for the four and 14.9 GB for recovery.

I use a calculator for the space

512GB minus 14.9GB(recovery) -minus 1.3 GB (sum of another partitions) the windows partition result is 495GB . i create this table partition and clone 4 of 5

For the windows partition. i use symantec ghost ,clone only data and dont resize partiton

All your partition work correct like a charm

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