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Add Captions ( Close captions) a Video

When your second language is English you need sometimes the subtitle for understand a movie or video, or translate, etc. Actually  lot of web page whit subtitle solution exist for movie,, , .

The most common format is .srt   SubRip  subtitle text file format created by this software Subrip if famous for  “rips” (extracts) subtitles and their timings from video

In August 2008, YouTube added subtitle support to its Flash video player under the “Closed Captioning” option – content producers can upload subtitles in SubRip format


Now is possibly generate a subtitle automatically, ONLY UPLOAD THE VIDEO in youtube ,

 The steps are basically

Open YouTube

Upload a video

Select the option CC

View published subtitles and CC: English (Automatic)

Also you can download the subtitle in format .srt

Name exact form of you video and enjoy!


Another software for editing subtitles is › downloads
You add the timing and write line by line its more time consuming but learn more
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