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I see a lot of short cartoon style video whit information like recipe , warnings about covid, visualizing data

The point is when I was studied , I used for visualizing data, I don’t remember anything about subscriptions

Now I view a change for example , people pay subscription models, all this website for visualizing data or toon Boom and Adobe Animate CC,

I remember the people using only Adobe flash for animation but the time changes, another software for Explainer Videos is

Another Pro software and Maya

Open software  Blender (software), Inkscape are very good option for Explained information

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Today I write about platform for E-commerce (short for “electronic commerce”) is trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet.

All of us well know

A few e-commerce in El Salvador extend or add the food catalog


Actually I work for a company to sell food

This site using open-cart , actually without the configuration of E-commerce , the catalog don’t exists .

The point is try to start the E-commerce , for example I have in this site the configuration of two projects

This are demo but now in 2020 all the company are moving to E-commerce, maybe have the knowledge for configure well the catalog and the checkout, for example   try to pay whit or pay whit cash like