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The NVMe protocol is an interface specification for communicating with storage devices. NVMe storage devices are typically directly attached to a host system over a PCI Express (PCIe) bus.  Traduce in a better performance for acces ..reduce the time for acces the disk

Today install a  SSD whit this interface , and show you how to clone  , whit the open software CloneZilla and Gparted

The victim is a Inspiron… check the video

The typical problem , the SSD Nvme are small, i suggest to check the partition table, with Gparted Live USB, and the solution is identify the first 3 partition, this model laptop dell , have Six partition in the disk, but really only need 3, and the porpoise is clone this 3 really important partition. The solution is eliminate/delete the sda4 sad5 sda6  , this partition are for recover the fabric system, but in the practice you don’t need, because the essential partition are /sda1 /sda2 /sda3, whit this partition the OS is Ok

After eliminate, shutdown the laptop, and use Clonezilla , the step are the same

Expert Mode

Disk to Disk

Check in the option -icds

and use option “-k1” which will create the partition table proportionally in the target disk and turn on option “-r” to resize the file system in the partition automatically. This is useful use all the target disk size.

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