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Change Disk for improving performance Microsoft Sql Server

Microsoft’s SQL Server a relational database management system designed to help business professionals store and access data as requested by other software applications

One requirement is improving the performance because the database increase the amount of data, and the query’s whit stored procedure and trigger need tuning, per example when refresh your inventory, now we have the exact time is 122 minutes, is a lot of time.

The first Step, I change the Mechanic Disc per SSD

The objective is reduce the IOPS , clearly defines a ratio of the number of operations performed by storage within a period to the duration of this period in seconds, and it is the unit to measure read and write operations on the storage device. There are many parameters of IO, which can affect the SQL Server performance and that needs to be taken care of for the performance tuning.

  • IOPS Calculation
  • Average Disk Queue Length
  • Read Vs. Write Operation Ratio
  • Average IO Latency
  • Split IO
  • RAID

This video I try to show you how to clone the RAID 0 disk to SSD

I have a problem whit CloneZilla  and RAID Disk

I have this Error

At final use AOMEI Backupper Server , the problem  is Visual Program , you need a extra PC to clone the disk, but the program execute the process very well

NOTE: When you change a Disk in Server, reconfigure the RAID controller , basically is entry in this case whit key F5 a create a New logical Volume, whit this step done, only connect a Cloned SSD and boot normally, the total boot time is 10 second

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