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Virtual disk to physical disk Oracle VirtualBox

Hello, I try to explain a successful (V2P) process, install a Virtual Machine in Physical PC.

I have a Windows OS PC Core i5 4th /8 GB RAM  DDR3/ Mechanical Disk

I install a Virtual Machine whit Guest Windows 10 64 Virtual Disk Image (.vdi ) , we have a multiple Oracle Developer configuration for Oracle DB classes, but not work very well is very slow  for create query.

I run VirtualBox an take an image of the drive whit de software Aomei , and store it on C_ Shared folder , next take the  whole Disk 1 an connect in the receiver PC

The receiver physical PC is a Core i3 6th 8gb RAM DDR4/ SSD M.2 120GB

Mount the rescue media you created whit Windows PE Creating Environment Download(With AOMEI Backupper) ( and restore the image.

The process for rescue media is download the file, Unzip and paste in C:\Program Files (x86)\AOMEI Backupper\pe_env,  next create a PE Windows

After you get it up and running and all the drivers updated and issues cleared up, the Oracle Developer work very well.

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