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Installing the Google Play Store on Amazon Fire tablets(11th) and Share app Kid profile

The Fire HD 10 is  ship with out-of-the-box access to Google Play Store.

The main software for install Google services and software  is Fire toolboxThe forum XDA-developers is the guide you need

The steps

1- in Fire HD Enable developer options and USB debugging

2- Connect USB Cable to PC, and Run Fire toolbox

3. In fire toolbox , install Google Play service

4 For Share the aplication whit the Kids Profile , buy GoToApp Full ($1.99) , in Appstore

5. Share GoToApp Full  for the Kid Profile

6. Change User in tablet and open GotoApp , and now install Google Play and all Google Software

Its all ….in 15 minutes you have all you need for use this  3 GB RAM Octa Core tablet , the price is $129.99 whit disccount


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