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Today I write about platform for E-commerce (short for “electronic commerce”) is trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet.

All of us well know

A few e-commerce in El Salvador extend or add the food catalog


Actually I work for a company to sell food

This site using open-cart , actually without the configuration of E-commerce , the catalog don’t exists .

The point is try to start the E-commerce , for example I have in this site the configuration of two projects

This are demo but now in 2020 all the company are moving to E-commerce, maybe have the knowledge for configure well the catalog and the checkout, for example   try to pay whit or pay whit cash like

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Amazon Polly Text-to-Speech Service

I improve my English Skill written this blog, always have problem whit pronunciation of specific words, i attended a English classes in 2014 and used IvonaText,for practice pronunciation , was sound natural voice and good quality But now in 2020 is Amazon cloud service

Before Polly this is Ivona and I will show you how to install Polly










Get Started with AWS for Free
If you want to use AWS, you generally need to pay using a credit card, Amazon charger $1 for this, and return this amount in five business days

If you need to remove the credit card you only has another valid payment method or credit card

If you decide to close the  AWS account because probably recive invoice payments this is the link, the credit card info remaining in AWS server .

I suggest in this case Try to Applying for AWS Educate or use a Amazong gift card and you will activate Billing Alerts


A step-by-step how to install
This is a very clear guide

It’s easy to get started with the Amazon Polly Free Tier, which includes 5 million characters per month for speech or Speech Marks requests, starting from your first speech request for 12 months.

You will need the AWS_access_key and AWS_secret_key values.Also you needCommand Line Interface (CLI)

The below error is thrown when running the command:

C:\Users\Asrock>aws configure polly-windows

You must specify a region.You can also configure your region by running”awsconfigure”.

The solution

aws configure set region us-east-1 --profile polly-windows

Another error when running
C:\Users\Asrock>aws--profile polly-windows polly describe-voices

An error occurred(Unrecognized Client Exception)when calling the Describe Voices operation:The security token included in the request is invalid.

Solution loggin into the console AWS

And finally you choose around 50 Voices


To create a mp3 Audio in the console AWS

Error is you change the acces key

For star whit AWS–vNBwafdLVDBSWMHDhFsWSNJmF


Collection of ivona voices in gdrive for Android

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How long has Python been in use? The programming language Python was conceived in the late 1980s

Netflix have 182 million paying streaming subscribers worldwide, and this articule describe , how big comapny is using python

The framework Metaflow for Machine Learning Infrastructure , is very usefull

In linux , python is the ADN , only you open a Terminal and type python

This is HTML5 web console for practice

this guide for basic command

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Connect Remote User

In the question in survey. Who led the digital transformation of your company?

All companies for prevent COVID-19 infections in EL Salvador should sent to word at home 50% employees

And the first step is Connect Users for task

Al IT Technician know the Server Windows has Remote Desktop Acees.
I explain a method to use multiples connection without paid CALS“>CALS

Remote Desktop Connections for Multiple Users on Windows RDPWRAP

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SQL Profiler

Is an optional component of Management Studio since SQL Server 2000 version, a graphical user interface to SQL Trace for monitoring an instance of the Database Engine .
Show you Transact-SQL SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements. An other error log

It’s basically a four steps process:
Step 1: Generate a TRACE/LOAD file for selected database. Open SQL Server Profiler. And click in Play
Step 2: Put the cursor an click button in software ERP or LOAD information in Database
Step 3: Automatically show you the event and the name of table and field
Click in Stop and analyze all the information generate

This book talk about Mastering_Profiler_eBook.pdf spend a weekend reading and practicing, and you’ll have locked down the skills on the most important tool in the Sql toolbox.

Actually is a great tool , but have a significant problem a lot of information to analyze RPC event , TSQL , Security Audit

Actuall is Azure Data Studio to adopt Sql Profiler whit XE Extended Event
All the new features in SQL Server like Azure event is tracker by XE Extended Event
This article talk about

The advantage XE is lightweight performance monitoring 

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Common Port

When think in security , always ,my conclusion, is easy hack a organization

Attack the well know port 1433 SQL server
I read this

Common Port

About syntaxis SQL injections



Use this configuration a FIREWALL

Change default port

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Searches Google 2019


Source Google

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Add Captions ( Close captions) a Video

When your second language is English you need sometimes the subtitle for understand a movie or video, or translate, etc. Actually  lot of web page whit subtitle solution exist for movie,, , .

The most common format is .srt   SubRip  subtitle text file format created by this software Subrip if famous for  “rips” (extracts) subtitles and their timings from video

In August 2008, YouTube added subtitle support to its Flash video player under the “Closed Captioning” option – content producers can upload subtitles in SubRip format


Now is possibly generate a subtitle automatically, ONLY UPLOAD THE VIDEO in youtube ,

 The steps are basically

Open YouTube

Upload a video

Select the option CC

View published subtitles and CC: English (Automatic)

Also you can download the subtitle in format .srt

Name exact form of you video and enjoy!


Another software for editing subtitles is › downloads
You add the timing and write line by line its more time consuming but learn more
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Docker is  an operating-system-level virtualization makes it easier to create and deploy applications in an isolated environment. A Dockerfile is a script that contains collections of commands and instructions that will be automatically executed in sequence in the docker environment for building a new docker image.

All sysadmin or developer  need a  specific configuration for a proyect version, dependecies users , for old school the solution is virtual machine  the principal difference  whit Docker is more lightweight


I use Debian GNU Linux stretch for docker base image

root privileges


Below are some dockerfile commands you must know:

FROM The base image for building a new image. This command must be on top of the dockerfile.

MAINTAINER Optional, it contains the name of the maintainer of the image.

RUN Used to execute a command during the build process of the docker image.

ADD Copy a file from the host machine to the new docker image. There is an option to use an URL for the file, docker will then download that file to the destination directory.

ENV Define an environment variable.

CMD Used for executing commands when we build a new container from the docker image.

ENTRYPOINT Define the default command that will be executed when the container is running.

WORKDIR This is directive for CMD command to be executed.

USER Set the user or UID for the container created with the image.

VOLUME Enable access/linked directory between the container and the host machine.


Now let’s stat to create our first dockerfile.

Step 1

apt-get install docker


Create  Dockerfile, default and supervisord.conf


Step 3 – Build New Docker Image and Create New Container Based on it

The Dockerfile and all required config files have been created, now we can build a new docker image based on Ubuntu 16.04 and our dockerfile with the docker command below:

docker build -t nginx_image .

When the command completed successfully, we can check the new image ‘nginx_image’ with the docker command below:

docker images

Then we can try to create a new container based on nginx_images. And before create new container, we can create new directory on the host machine for the webroot data.

mkdir -p /webroot

Now run the new container with command below:

docker run -d -v /webroot:/var/www/html -p 80:80 --name hakase nginx_image

Then we can check that the new container with name hakase based on ‘nginx_image’ is running:

docker ps

Check if our Docker container is running


  • –name hakase nginx_image = We create a new container with the name ‘hakase’, based on docker image ‘nginx_images’.
  • -p 80:80 = hakase container running on port 80 on the host machine.
  • -v /webroot:/var/www/html = /webroot directory on the host machine rewrite the /var/www/html directory on the container.

The new container based on the nginx_image is running without error.

Step 4 – Testing Nginx and PHP-FPM in the Container

Try to create a new index.html file in the /webroot directory with echo:

echo '<h1>Nginx and PHP-FPM 7 inside Docker Container</h1>' > /webroot/index.html

Testing with curl command by accessing the host machine ip address.

curl -I

We will see results below.


Next, test that PHP-FPM 7.0 is running by creating a new phpinfo file in the /webroot directory on the host machine.

echo '<?php phpinfo(); ?>' > /webroot/info.php

Open the web browser and type the host machine IP address:

Now you can see the output of the phpinfo file.

PHP-FPM is working nicely

the new docker image ‘nginx_image’ has been successfully created, now we can create more containers based on that image.