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I see a lot of short cartoon style video whit information like recipe , warnings about covid, visualizing data

The point is when I was studied , I used for visualizing data, I don’t remember anything about subscriptions

Now I view a change for example , people pay subscription models, all this website for visualizing data or toon Boom and Adobe Animate CC,

I remember the people using only Adobe flash for animation but the time changes, another software for Explainer Videos is

Another Pro software and Maya

Open software  Blender (software), Inkscape are very good option for Explained information

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Android Go, Kai OS light operating Systems

Cheapest smartphones (under $40 ) whit operating systems that’s optimized to run on devices with limited memory and internal storage.


is a U.S.-based project that started in 2017, built on the ashes of Mozilla’s failed Firefox OS experiment, as a fork of the Linux codebase. Early Google make investments for $22 million of dollars ,and KaiOS announced that it would be adding Google Search, Google Maps and the Google Voice Assistant , Twitter and Facebook work well In June 2019 bring whatsapp ,

It’s actually the second-most (before android) popular mobile phone platform in India,largely due to the success of the JioPhone range. KaiOS has also since made its way to the Nokia 8110 4G, prepaid feature phones in North America, and now Africa via Orange and MTN handsets.

Device whit KaiOS work whit chip Qualcomm, UNISOC , MediaTek and snapdragon, and don’t have touch screen

This phones require limited memory RAM:256MB max 512MB

A Simulator of KaiOS on linux

Android GO Edition

The goal is pursuit next billion users ( India and Africa)

Android Oreo 8.1 version GO

require limited memory RAM: 1 GB

Price :$62.41 Xiaomi Redmi Go 

Price $55.46 Nokia 1 gets price cut in India, beats Redmi Go and upgrade to Android 9 Pie

Alcatel 1 $51.90

Google dominate the market in phones whit Android ,  whit this version of Android GO , phone are accessible for more user. The next update of Android was 3 Sep 2019 codename Q ,  maybe have another Android Go Q

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