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Common Port

When think in security , always ,my conclusion, is easy hack a organization

Attack the well know port 1433 SQL server
I read this

Common Port

About syntaxis SQL injections



Use this configuration a FIREWALL

Change default port

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Today I talk about the epic novel, video games, films and future release of tv series, the fantasy masterpiece The lord of the rings trilogy and The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien

The books

Download link

The Hobbit was published in 1937 and was regarded as a children’s book

LoTR , Tolkien released part one of the series, The Fellowship of the Ring, in 1954; The Two Towers and The Return of the King followed in 1955, finishing up the trilogy

The posthumous books The Silmarillion, Luthien and Beren’s, The Histories of Middle Earth and  The fall of Gondolin

Luthien and Beren’s story echoes the real author’s love story even more so though as the pair went through plenty of their own trials before getting their happy ending.

The Films

The Rings trilogy was also adapted by director Peter Jackson into a highly popular, won 17 Oscar,   the final film, Lord Of The Rings: The Return of the King picked up 11 Oscars, winning in all the categories it was nominated for including Best Picture.  starring Ian McKellen, Elijah Wood, Cate Blanchett and Viggo Mortensen, among others. Jackson also directed a three-part Hobbit movie adaptation starring Martin Freeman,  A fan Edit rings trilogy is called The purist Edition

come to the streaming service Netflix in 2019, 17 year after the first film release



The video games

I played the first and  second of EA’s brawlers based on Peter Jackson’s film trilogy was in 2003 a very nice looking games included short videos of the movie and the voice of the real actor of the film


its stealth murder and orc friendship system makes up for this×1080.jpg


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stored procedures

This post is how the database born in small business, today is impossible managed  big data whit simple SQL Basic , this information and database is  the year 2007

SQL is common find  stores procedures

for check  proc i find this query

A small database (<10 GB) is possible work whit SQLEXPRES, this is a database

A backup database

Whit a POS installer , only modify the SYSDBINFO, and creatre a login for user psa.

Another project to practice in MySQL is

Is a Online Store , this connection if in PHP and try to practice how to show item description and price


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Aaron files

Aaron committed suicide in 2013 after sentenced to paid 1$ million and 35 years in prision. The problem is the exhaustive investigation by FBI

Remeber a 33GB torrent in pdf files,  the action i 🔥 in DVD and try to share the information (basic files in pdf) here a limited files, honestly the files is basic information p.e How to know lobster gendre , the license is the problem, the justice every time try to find a chivo expiatorio ( blame and consequent negative treatment)

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Book Recommendations

I start to look for a new job and  improve my English, practicing lecture ,minimal conversation and games like  Letter Quest Remastered of course writing in this blog

I had to correct the countless grammatical errors at least & some sentence structure & phrasing , because my first language is Spanish

The list of Books for this mont

  • Clean Code Robert C. Martin, .
    • The Japanese worldview the 5S philosophy Seiri (think”sort”),Seiton(think”systematize”), Seiso ( shine),  Seiketsu (standardization) Shutsuke(Self-discipline), apply to improve the radability of your code
  • 100 Documents That changed the world
    • Homer´s The Iliad and The Odyssey, Notebook Leonardo Da Vinci´s, The Holy Bible..

The dairy  Quote

You just keep pushing.You just keep pushing. I made every mistake  that could be made. But i just kept pushing – Rene Descartes-

I use Calibre for read ant download everthing of