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Amazon Polly Text-to-Speech Service

I improve my English Skill written this blog, always have problem whit pronunciation of specific words, i attended a English classes in 2014 and used IvonaText,for practice pronunciation , was sound natural voice and good quality But now in 2020 is Amazon cloud service

Before Polly this is Ivona and I will show you how to install Polly










Get Started with AWS for Free
If you want to use AWS, you generally need to pay using a credit card, Amazon charger $1 for this, and return this amount in five business days

If you need to remove the credit card you only has another valid payment method or credit card

If you decide to close the  AWS account because probably recive invoice payments this is the link, the credit card info remaining in AWS server .

I suggest in this case Try to Applying for AWS Educate or use a Amazong gift card and you will activate Billing Alerts


A step-by-step how to install
This is a very clear guide

It’s easy to get started with the Amazon Polly Free Tier, which includes 5 million characters per month for speech or Speech Marks requests, starting from your first speech request for 12 months.

You will need the AWS_access_key and AWS_secret_key values.Also you needCommand Line Interface (CLI)

The below error is thrown when running the command:

C:\Users\Asrock>aws configure polly-windows

You must specify a region.You can also configure your region by running”awsconfigure”.

The solution

aws configure set region us-east-1 --profile polly-windows

Another error when running
C:\Users\Asrock>aws--profile polly-windows polly describe-voices

An error occurred(Unrecognized Client Exception)when calling the Describe Voices operation:The security token included in the request is invalid.

Solution loggin into the console AWS

And finally you choose around 50 Voices


To create a mp3 Audio in the console AWS

Error is you change the acces key

For star whit AWS–vNBwafdLVDBSWMHDhFsWSNJmF


Collection of ivona voices in gdrive for Android