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Connect Remote User

In the question in survey. Who led the digital transformation of your company?

All companies for prevent COVID-19 infections in EL Salvador should sent to word at home 50% employees

And the first step is Connect Users for task

Al IT Technician know the Server Windows has Remote Desktop Acees.
I explain a method to use multiples connection without paid CALS“>CALS

Remote Desktop Connections for Multiple Users on Windows RDPWRAP

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The Terminator franchise

I born in 1984 , my entertainment was nintendo, anime dragon ball and movies like terminator. The  first and second movies are great Directed by James Cameron , nobody discuss about the director. My wife brings a toy collection  of terminator 1for the birthday of my son, she bought in wallmart  1977 Dodge Monaco Metropolitan Police , automatically remember the franchise

Terminator 3: The Coming Storm (fan edit movie) ,  basically cut ridiculous scenes , attempts to maintain the tone of the first two films, i enjoyed , recommend  movie